Tuesday, February 25, 2014

SNSD HYOYEON I GOT A BOY MAKEUP TUTORIAL (Collaborative Make Up Project) by Novi Fransisca

Hi girls, so i'm so exited and super exited, because this posting is my first project with other beauty bloggers in SNSD I Got A Boy Collaborative Make Up. And my part as Hyoyeon. *hyaaa* \(≧∇≦)/
SNSD I Got A Boy
Make Up Collaboration
Wow..they are so amazing doing their self make up. I hope you will like mine too, try my best~~ 
Here's my tutorial make up as Hyoyeon.
Hyoyeon Kim
OMG so pretty

 I think it's very easy. Here's some point for make up Hyoyeon:
1. Light brown for eye brow. (I'm sorry i just have dark brown T__T)
2. Eyeliner thin and long and eye shadow with soft color.
3. Lips gradation pink.

Tara... here's my result!

Owkay.. judge me! hahaha... Is it close enough? lol.. i don't think so.. Ah.. Hyoyeon is too pretty and sexy with her cool ombre hair.. I have some hair clips ombre hair, so i put on my hair a little blonde :D and it didn't come out -__- But this is so fun to join this collaboration. I would so happy if anyone interest to ask me for join another collaboration again. 

Don't forget to visit another beauty blogger who have joined this project! 

Yuri = Jessica Ie (iamfoodeater.blogspot.com)

Jessica = Lia Jung (cutesprinkles21.wordpress.com)

Seohyun = Cut Auzola Azalia (auzola.tumblr.com)
Tiffany = Jennyfer Michiyo (jennyfermichiyo.blogspot.com)
Yoona = Nova Fransisca (my-twin-sister.blogspot.com)
Hyoyeon = Novi Fransisca (my-twin-sister.blogspot.com)
Sunny = Nia Midford (nakoneko.blogspot.com)
 Sooyoung = Imelda Magdalena (achickwithlipstick.blogspot.com)
Taeyeon = Shelviana Handoko (www.xiaovee.com)

Thank you for reading, feel free to leave a comment~ Byeeee...


  1. cantikk sayy.. :D
    senyum kamu manis lho :)


    1. Thank u juga cantik XD
      *melayang deh*

  2. pretty <3 mirip kok xD efek rambut aja ci :3 baru sadar kalo kembar sama yang jadi yoona xD

    1. Wah thank u.. <3 kamu juga mirip buangettt sih sama yuri. Keren deh.. Iya, haha, baru tau y :p
      Moga ketuker-tuker & ga bingung.

  3. cantikk hehehe ^^
    waah asik bgt ya punya kembaran :3

    1. Makasi ^^
      Hehe, Iya donk, seru Kl kembar B-)


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