Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Review : GEO Super Angel Brown

Hai! (*^▽^*) This time i wanna review softlens GEO Super Angel Brown 14.8mm. This is my favorite softlens. I've GEO Super Angel Brown and GEO Super Angel Blue. Next time, i will review Super Angel Blue ╭(^▽^)╯!

So, this is my review :) hope you like this \(≧∇≦)/

GEO Super Angel Brown
Diameter : 14.8mm
Water Content : 38%
Made in Korea

GEO Super Angel Brown 14.8mm
heheee... Cause i have so many softlens, i crop the photo like this (^o^)V
Welll, i really love the pattern, very simple, the color very natural, and make my eyes look bigger. Sorry, I do not have a picture of my eyes detail. I very recommended if you like grayu look. But, the water content is very not comfortable for daily use (✗_✘)"

Design : 4/5
Large : 4/5
Comfort : 3/5
Total : 4/5

Will i repurchase this? hmmm... maybe, cause i really love the color. But i'm very curious with GEO Princess Mimi Brown (T^T)

Thank You ε(- ^____^ -)з‎‎‎‎

Photo by Nova

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