Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Review : Miss Eye Vaidurya Blue

Hello again (^o^)/
Oh my God, i really hate this week because i've got so many many task. I'm so busy (T.T) These tasks seemed endless. My brain was already thinking about the holidays May all soon be over.. (˘ʃƪ˘)
Well.. i wanna review softlens again (i like the softlens addict *haha*). I have many softlens (ɔ ˘⌣˘)~♡ (huging them). This time, my review is Miss Eye Vaidurya (Glaze) Blue.

Miss Eye Vaidurya Blue
Diameter : 17.8mm
Kadar air : 48%
Made in China

The lenses, look so pretty
With Natural Light (Outdoor)
With Flash

I've got a little shocked when i was wearing this lens, because photo in the model is very pretty and looks bright. But in fact, this is too natural! (┎ '_' ┒) The motif in the lens may indeed beautiful, but they were not as expected when used. So.. I was a little bit disappointed. In that photo, i was in the car, it might look pretty good, but if it indoors, too dark. I do not really like this.
Review :
  • Quite comfortable to wear.
  • Makes your eyes bigger.
  • Natural color lens. But the pattern is pretty with 4 tone.
Design : 3/5
Large : 4/5
Comfort : 4/5

Brightness : 2/5

I very rarely use this contact lens. But you can post comments if you like it ♫♪♫
Thank you for reading ♥
Photo by Novi


  1. you're so cute~~^^ It's pretty natural from afar though. still pretty :D

    1. thank you :D
      but not according to my expectations with the photo on catalogue

  2. hai twin sisters.. aku baru aja beli lens seri ini, di salahsatu online shop.. setelah kupakai kok ternyata warna yg kanan dan yg kiri g sama.. dua2nya biru sih, tp yg satu lbh terang.. awalnya kupikir karna pencahayaan, tp stlah kupindah kanan ke kiri, ttep.. mmg salah satunya warnanya lbh terang.. apa punyamu juga sperti itu?


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