Wednesday, December 12, 2012

First DIY! Fancy Pouch 100% Handmade!

Wow, what a pretty date today.. 12-12-12. Have you special moment today? Because i haven't. I'm just at home and fell just like usually date. Haha.. Well, stay at home is so boring, right? So i was thinking to make something, then.. *ting!* (a bulb idea). I tried to make a pouch and wanna share with you. This is my first post about DIY. (kyaa.. \(≧∇≦)/ so exicted!)
Hope you like it guys..

I've made Chanel Pouch for my blackberry (i very very love chanel) and Simply Flower for my camera digital. Here, i wanna share to you all, how to make it. First, here's the equipments that you need.
The important material for pouch is felt cloth. You can buy it from craft shop. It's not expensive. Owkay, you must know what you want to made. Such as pouch for hp, camera, headset, or mini bag for coins, etc. I wanna to explain how to make simple flower pouch for camera. First, create patterns of petals.
After it, sewing the part of flower one by one.
It's so easy, just sewing the edge. Just Follow the ways based photo. And... Ta-da~~~
If you've done sewing the flower, now paste the felt cloth with another piece of cloth to make it a double, thicker and cover the back seam. 
Allow the glue to dry. Cut edges slightly so neat. Then make design for the back of the pouch,  make sure everything is neat and aligned. Next, we will sew the edges as a border. Just follow this photo. (I hope this is easy to understand)
Here the final result. Yey! I think this is pretty nice and neat. You can add buttons to cover. You also can make another motive, according your creativity! I also make chanel pouch with hot pink color. I wanna matching with my bag with same color. How to make it? Just do the same way ^^
I hope you like it and make you inspired. This is so easy, so you also can try this. I finished this just around 3 hours. Hehehe... See you~


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