Sunday, April 6, 2014

A Little of My Hair Journey

Okay, today i want to post a little of my hair journey. My hair was so long and i have smoothing my hair two times, and dye my hair two times, last one was on November last year. My hair became very dry and fall off easily because the chemical ingredients maybe, and because i dye my hair, my hair root grow so fast and look so bad. Then i feel have a long hair is so troublesome.
Here's my photo before cut my hair. very long and no shape. I never change my hair cut for years, haha.... With my long hair, it takes a long time to curl my hair. I was very bored with my ordinary hair ;(
So, i decided to cut my hair, so excited but nervous at the same time. I went to Anna Salon at Pluit Village, and i choose the hair stylish 'Avi' to cut my hair. I said i want a medium hair. Here's the result...
I'm so happy with the result, and feel so fresh with my new hair. hehe... Few weeks later i want to dye my hair again, this time will be the third time. I think black is better, not because i hate my hair color but it need treatment for colored hair. If you want to have a perfect hair color, you must re-coloring to cover the imperfection hair and it's very troublesome i think.
Here's the product i used to color my hair.
I bought at Carefour, the price is affordable IDR 31k. It's easy to use. You just mix cream hair colourant and developer milk, mix together and apply to all your hair. Wait for 30-45 minutes, and rinse well.
First time i look the result, look so weird because my hair is too black >.< but still good. hehee... So that's all a little of my hair journey. I hope you like my post. Happy Sunday all! :D

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